"Pulling Customers Back To Small Business"

"Pulling Customers Back To Small Business" Teaches you how to effectively gain and manage loyal customers. Customer loyalty plays an important role in business success today. This business guide was written to provide adequate information and guidance on how to increase your customer base substantially. It contains practical information and instructions on how to efficiently manage your business in the most customer friendly way. By reading the well articulated chapters of this guide, you will have at your fingertips all the information you need to gain more customers and ultimately grow your gross sales.

The chapters of this guide include:

  • Opening The Doors/Open For Business
  • Employee Focus/Creating The Atmosphere
  • Tip Of Tongue/Top Of Mind-Making your Mark
  • The "POP" Method - Works Every Time
  • Big BOX vs. You, Unique Marketing, and Why?
  • Your Way of Thinking - High Energy is Contagious
  • What You Should Do Next - It CAN'T Wait!
"People will go a long way, out of their way, based all on the way, you treat them today."
- Chapter 4, The "POP" Method