Every once in a while we meet people who make an overwhelming first impression. Whether it is their character, intellect, personality or conduct, something causes us to realize we have just met a person who is extraordinary. In just such a circumstance, I met Tony Jackson as co-owner of a startup personal computer service firm called Arlington Computers. Tony exuded affable confidence without any of the arrogance that so often attends demonstration of self-perceived competence. In fact, his open and humble manner was arresting. While I have been a loyal customer ever since, our relationship has evolved. Tony has freely shared his hopes, concerns and questions while I have shared an open ear and a voice of some experience.

Tony recently asked me to review this book of his own advice and experience to those who wish to form their own small businesses. His success has been founded on practical application of customer-first principles and the importance of relationship in every business transaction. These pages convey the key strength of Tony's business success so far in this regard. I encourage you to consider these words and benefit from them.


This book is a must read! Not just for small business owners and store managers, but for anybody who just needs to be reminded that if you treat people good, you'll reap positive results. After reading this book, I understand why Tony Jackson has a customer who drives nearly 100 miles one way to do business with him. Famous salesman Zig Ziglar once said: "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." Jackson's book is a helpful guide to success -- in business, and life.

- Lucas L. Johnson II, author of Finding the Good.

Experience begets wisdom, and the experiences of author Tony Jackson are turned into valuable learning points for those managers and entrepreneurs seeking to stabilize and grow their business. Learn the timeless lesson of "people over profit" from Mr. Jackson's personal experiences and observations managing existing businesses and establishing his own from the ground up. This guide provides both easy-to-apply nuggets of insight as well as paradigm-shifting revelation for those who want to take their business to new levels of success.

- Chad A. Cardwell, M.B.A, J.D., LL.M.
Attorney, Lecturer, and Entrepreneur.