Tony M. Jackson is an African-American business owner who, since high school, has been razor-sharp focused on climbing the ladder to success. He was 16 years old when he joined the workforce at a pizza chain, a thriving restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, his hometown. By the time he was 18, he’d advanced as a leader and learned the rudiments of management. The managerial duties that Jackson was responsible for at the restaurant quickly set in motion his determination and drive to succeed, thus making it crystal clear that faith and focus would prosper him while moving straight ahead into another phase in his life - entrepreneurship.

Jackson worked roughly 60-75 hours per week at the restaurant. He was committed to getting the job done, whatever he was compelled to do to increase profits and to ensure the success of the company. He’d moved swiftly throughout the company, working to prove that he was indeed the man for the job. Hard work would eventually pay dividends. At the age of 22, Jackson came to the realization that life could be better. He switched directions in his pursuit of success and left the restaurant business. He’d achieved quite a bit, but was compelled to move into a field that would become his crowning achievement - computer systems.

A 3-month course breaking down computer systems and a 1-week IT essentials course would spark Jackson’s interest in the IT field and eventually seal his fate. His voracious appetite to learn more - including studying on his own time the functionality of computers - enabled him to work basic technician jobs. In late 2006, after praying for a chance to go further in the IT industry, something happened, which caused Jackson’s stomach to grumble, literally. He and his former girlfriend, Monica, now his wife of 7 years, pulled into Sonic Drive-In for some burgers. Little did he know this would be one of his most important meals. Looking over into the next parking slot, Jackson noticed that a computer repair van had pulled up. Never being afraid to make contact or to advance, he exited his car and went over to talk to the guy, who turned out to be the owner of a repair business, Shay Berthelson. The two struck up a cordial conversation and Jackson left the chance encounter with something he could sink his teeth into: an opportunity to make service calls with Berthelson. Jackson and Berthelson would become pretty good friends within a short time. It wasn’t long before Berthelson introduced the eager-to-learn Jackson to Michael and Susan McDonald, who owned a computer repair company. They had been in business for about 12 months and mulled over the decision to head into a different area of business.

McDonald had given Jackson hands on experience as a technician working mostly without pay. Meanwhile several job offers from other companies were coming in. Jackson seriously considered taking the jobs. But it became evident that Jackson, who had a drive like no other, could grow the company with Mcdonald as an owner rather than as an employee. Business ownership was much more along his line of thinking. So McDonald offered him a 50% business ownership. He gladly accepted it.

After Jackson and McDonald forged a new partnership, sales began skyrocketing. It transformed the company, which was grossing on average about $22,000 annually. With Jackson's aggressive business model and ingenuity, sales increased to over 1100% annually for five consecutive years. Although the economy was teetering dangerously out of control and affected the bottom line of numerous businesses locally and nationally, Jackson still managed to increase the bottom line significantly.

The business was now on the right trajectory and at its peak Michael McDonald decided he'd retire and enjoy life a little. So Jackson purchased his interest in the company and became sole owner in 2012. After assuming total control, he restructured the company and put into place a hierarchy that remains today: God first. This practice and subsequent sales growth would catapult Jackson in the industry. He has become the quintessential businessman with a successful business that others now would like to franchise.

Jackson has achieved so much as a young businessman and owes his success to the many clients and customers who frequent his business. He'd promise, and keep his business "Family Friendly" and to always create a positive environment that would make people feel comfortable. This still holds true today. He has not deviated. There are processes, procedures, and business practices that Jackson has employed to achieve success in business.

This business guide will help you to achieve your own success in whatever business you're trying to grow. Read it, follow it carefully, and watch your business prosper.